Capemedia UK Film Chronology

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Capemedia UK Film Chronology

Contrasting look at a scene within iClone being lit by day and by night. Using the various lighting to create two different views.


Bruce Lee Tribute based on the 1971 "The Pierre Berton Show".


Scene 4 from the Reallusion Game Character Animation Contest 2015 entry.


A short family animation about 3 shape friends, having fun in a wonderland.


A Cold War Project H.A.N.D (Human, Advanced, Neurological, Development), is discovered.


Physics test short based during the Second World War.


A short family fun film about two stuffed toy hippos in love.


A moving short about the Holocaust. Entered into Reallusions SketchUp and iClone Rendering Contest.


We are all being watched by guardian angels. In the event of our death, the way we have conducted our lives choose if we go to the light or the dark, the good or the bad, heaven or hell. This short music video shows one mans choice.


Since the beginning of time a war has raged in purgatory. Over 3000 views on YouTube.


Never finished or released. But Deliverance demos my early fighting animating style


First iClone short which has been watched over 6000 times on YouTube alone.


Capemedia's longest animated film project ever made. Using "The Movies" game and running at 47 minutes


First ever animated shorts made with "The Movies" game.




New Projects soon...